Free, Open Source Query Editor based on ODBC


  • Docking Support for Tabs ( Side Bars) just like sharpdevelop using dockingsuit by WeifenLuo
  • Text editor (ICSharpCode.TextEditor.dll)
    • Search / Find
    • Replace
    • Undo
    • Redo
    • Save File
    • Open File
    • Multiple Editor Tabs
    • Syntax Highlighting
  • Improved Status Bar
  • Configuration Settings for different Tools
  • Improved connection window
    • Allows to Save Connection details
    • Allow Auto Connect
  • Improved Data Grid (Output Window)
    • Allows to Export Data as Delimited Text (csv)
    • Allows to Export Data as Excle File (xls)
    • Allows to Export Data as XML Text (xml)
    • Allows Select Columns to view
    • Allows Query Cancellation
    • Allows Record Count
  • Help files for Netezza
  • Allows Multiple connections
  • Allows Filter Query